3-seater sofa beds for a stylish living

3-seater sofa beds for a stylish living

3-seater sofa beds are popular among most homeowners today as they are cheaper and smaller yet equal to the bigger sofas in comfort and convenience it provides. 3-seater sofa beds measure about 200 to 250 cm in width and 100 cm in depth. They are made of a variety of materials like leather, microfiber, fabric and rattan. It differs in price based on the material used in manufacturing the sofa bed.

Functional and comfortable

The 3-seater sofas beds are a combination of both the regular sofas and sofa beds. They can be converted into beds whenever you need to accommodate friends visiting your house and also used as regular sofas that are made of three cushions. Hence they can easily accommodate about three persons comfortably and are useful to relax yourselves in your living room when reading or watching TV at home. You can find the latest innovative designs in sofa beds like the motion sofas which provide maximum comfort simply by adjusting it as you do anything sitting on it.

Practical and durable

Buying 3-seater sofa beds are surely a great investment for your home as they are very practical in use as well as comfortable. You must make sure that you purchase a 3-seater sofa bed that is durable and lasts long which will be worth the money spent on it. You can also purchase a 3-seater sofa bed cover in a design that will perfectly go well with the interiors and other decors present in your home. You can find these sofa covers in a variety of designs and colours that are light or heavily pigmented ones. You can also find different patterns of these sofa covers that come in cotton, stretch denim, damask, chenille and twill.

Requires good maintenance

To make your 3-seater sofa beds stay ad look new even after years it is necessary that you clean and maintain it regularly instead of just changing the sofa covers. Though it is tough to keep it new, it requires patience to routinely clean and maintain it well. Keep your sofa in a place which doesn’t receive direct sunlight. This is because the colour starts to fade when it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Immediately clean the spills from the sofa bed to avoid the stains becoming tough to remove when dry, thus spoiling the fabric of the sofa bed. Do not let the dust on the sofa bed accumulate overtime instead keep it a habit to clean it every day. Otherwise the dirt would stick on to the sofa bed and makes cleaning difficult.

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