3 styles of padded headboards for beds

3 styles of padded headboards for beds

Padded headboards for beds come in some really nice variety of sizes and styles.  They can really add a nice touch of extravagance and romance to your room.  Padded headboards for beds are a luxurious item that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy.  For a reasonable amount you can add a nice touch of elegance to your bedroom by simply adding a style of a padded headboards for beds to your room.  Today I will review 3 of the styles that are most common among padded headboards and suggest the style of room that goes well with each of these styles.  These are of course suggestions and I would recommend searching online for the different styles I have talked about so you can see the different examples.


This style can go very nicely in a modern style or contemporary style bedroom. There is some variety with theses headboards.  Some of the rectangular headboards have rounded edges and give a softer look.  Other rectangular headboards have sharp 90 degree angles and straight lines giving it a more severe but modern look.  Look at the pictures of these types of padded headboards to get a sense if it will go well in your room.

Rounded or oval

These padded headboards are a softer look when compared with the rectangular ones.  They can be more modern or traditional depending on the material and patterns on them.  Some have a soft rounded slope while others have a more oval style slope.  Look at the various pictures of these padded headboards to get a sense if this is the right look for your room.


The scalloped padded headboard style can be very nice for a Victorian style room.  It is very luxurious looking and soft.  Depending on the material and coloring though this can have a modern look as well.  With bright colored patterns on a scalloped padded headboard you will find a different feel that is more modern than a scalloped padded headboard with a soft off white color that is solid.

Once you find the style padded headboard that fits your room you will want to comparison shop.  Find the style with the coloring you would like and see where you can find the best price for the style and color headboard you want.

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