6 unbelievable ways you can transform your bedroom set  queen

6 unbelievable ways you can transform your bedroom set  queen

At some point in our lives, we have all dreamt of living like a queen (and kings too). Though most of these remain a dream; here are a handful ways you can achieve this by giving a makeover to your bedroom set queen.  A queen bedroom is of a different world on its own.  It is meant to emit this power of luxury and comfort; it is known for its blooming aroma.

We all have glared upon the glossy pages of magazines, in disbelief of the mouthwatering bedrooms there exists. Believe me, it is not impossible for you to achieve it too. The most surprising and also the best part is, it’s affordable. Yes! you heard me just fine. A complete makeover to your bedroom set queen would not tear your bank wide open.

Ways for a complete makeover:

Have an empty floor:

No room is luxurious with items dispersed on the floor. Imagine entering a hotel room with items ransacked all over. Keeping the floor well-mannered and in-check is one of the most important and easiest point.

Overflow of pillows:

Pillows are hypnotizing objects. There is something about their fluffiness that adds a whole different level to luxury. Throw in a couple pillows and you’re already halfway through. Don’t forget to get the right combination, or else it’s more of a vegetable soup that royal engraving.

Revise your tables:

If you are a normal being, you probably have stuff spread around on your tables, either your nightstand or the dressing table. Hiding things away and sorting most of them in trays or organized manner (using item organizers) aids with the sharp and clean look of the room.

Changing the lighting system:

Eminent lighting is a must. Not decent, but overflow. Lighting helps in showcasing all the corners of the room significantly. It brings out the best of it. Installing or fixing a hanging light will uplift the lighting factor by a ton.

Adding foliage:

There is a reason why our planet looks more beautiful than any other planet in our solar system; reason being the green patches you see everywhere. Adding vegetation to the room, either be plants or flowers or any kinds of green foliage, makes it more alive than the normal dull rooms.

Introducing layers:

Adding different layers to the floor, by carpets or pillow mats is another very important point. It simulates the majestic that magazines provide. This comparatively small addition creates a mindboggling environment.

The most vital part of our home is our bedroom. It’s where memories are grown. After a hectic day at work, we come home to the luxuries awaiting us. Simple yet elegant steps would mold the normal everyday bedroom into a heavenly resort.

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