8 fantastic guidelines to buy bedroom furniture for children

fantastic guidelines to buy bedroom furniture for children Decorating ideas

Buying bedroom furniture for children is amongst the most difficult tasks out there. Sometimes it is even more difficult than purchasing furniture for any other room. Children require a different set of furniture and it is advised to follow the pattern. I will provide you with numerous guidelines for purchasing the right furniture. Guidelines for purchasing bedroom furniture for children: Safety Matters: This is one of the top priorities. You cannot have furniture with sharp edges near children. There is a 75% chance of them getting hurt. Obviously there are corner wraps to make the edges smoother, but buying furniture to their needs is more suitable. Testing its Strength: Furniture should be tested for its strength, because children do not go easy with furniture. Furniture is what the child is going to play with more than their toys, and having unstable furniture means having a live threat at home, always. Checking for Lead: Furniture a lot of times, contain lead. Lead is very harmful to children and adults alike. Paint contains lead, which leads to harmful poisoning. Using water based color is a way to avoid lead. Empty Space: This is very important. Space is the growth factor. The more space you leave, the more the child will roam, walk, run and tumble. This is also provides space for safety and recreational space for children. Adults often require mental space to get out of tension, whereas children require physical space. The more space you leave; the more growth they show. Considering design: Keeping the room in one phase or one style is yet something you have to consider. A child too requires fashion. Having a blend of different bedroom furniture for children would make it look not orderly and unsatisfactory to look and for your child to stay. Ask your child: Your child does have some preference and taste just like you and I. Having bought something without asking them would result in something they may not want. In the end of the day, they are going to call it ‘their room’ and let them be the kings of what goes in. Storage: When buying bedroom furniture for children, storage is very important. It’s where their toys, books etc. go. Having to buy open storage furniture makes it easier and accessible for them too. Planning: Before you buy furniture, sketch out a rough estimate of how long you want the furniture to stay. Every year your child’s taste may change and would discard some of the current furniture. It is always beneficial to take few minutes and plan before you take over the furniture. Plan smart, live smart.
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