A complete guide to buy maple bedroom furniture

A complete guide to buy maple bedroom furniture Decorating ideas

Introduction: Maple has been used to make furnitures since the 17th century. Mapple was available in a large quantity at that time and it has several advantages, which the colonialists found while working on it. Maple Bedroom Furniture has several advantages due to the material used in making the furniture. This guide will provide you all the necessary information before purchasing Maple Bedroom Furniture, and will allow you to understand its advantages. Information Regarding Types Of Maple
  • Curly Maple: It is one of the best known Maple used in Maple furniture. It is also called tiger maple. It's curly pattern looks similar to the strips of tiger, that's why it is called tiger maple. The quality of furniture depends on these curly or wavy strips.
  • Birdseye Maple: It is a luxury maple in the furniture world. Birdseye maple is most expensive and at the same time most rarest maple used in Maple Bedroom Furniture. It's pattern looks like a small eye of a bird, that's why it is named so.
  • Sugar Maple: Sugar maple of hard maple has light reddish brown shade. It is very strong and hard as well as it is resistant to shock. It is amongst the most easily available species.
  • Ambrosia Maple: Ambrosia is a beetle that infest some hard and other maple trees to produce Ambrosia maple. The beetle form a network and number of tunnels and fungus do the rest of work by producing gray, brown and blue streaks.
  • Antiques: Antique maple furniture need to be purchased with very intensive care. Back in 19th century the furniture was not made by machines. The verification can be done of whether it is hand made or machine made. Just check the dovetail joints, if handcrafted, the joints will be uneven.
Key Aspects To Buy Maple Bedroom Furniture You can easily identify the genuineness of a Maple furniture by looking at some important information.
  • Look for the smoothness of the furniture by running your hand over it. A maple furniture is smooth, so you can easily identify its genuineness.
  • Look for the growth rings in the wood, which comes in a maple wood naturally. Maple has a white hardwood with reddish tinge.
  • If you are novice to maple wood, get an expert advice who has experience of maple. The experts is more likely to identify a wrong one than a novice individual.
  • The machine weren't introduced till 1860, so you can spot an antique by examining drawers. Look for the dovetail joints, if they aren't even then it is hand made.
  • You can also identify from the finish on the wood. Old pieces are mostly French polished and sometimes polished by wax or oil. It is very easy to identify from the finish of the wood.
  • If you want to add a maple furniture into existing bedroom, make sure that it matches with the rest of the furniture. It may look very odd to add an old antique table into the existing furniture.
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