Add elegance to your bedrooms with wall headboards for beds

Add elegance to your bedrooms with wall headboards for beds

You can adorn your bedrooms with different types of wall headboards for beds. If you are on a budget then you cannot spend a lot of money so you have to improvise on things around that are handy and accordingly have a headboard for your bed. If you happen to be a student having plenty of books then you can have a headboard with open books to give a new look to your abode.

Wall Headboard with Wooden Slats and Tufts

If you are a person with one room apartment and you have little money to spare you can have a beautiful headboard fitted on the wall for your bedroom. If you have wooden slats with you can use these for the headboard. Sandpaper them and fit them on the wall above your bed to the size you would like your headboard to be.

These slats can be topped with form padding using glue. Over this spread a nice printed fabric or a plane fabric depending on your choice. Then fix buttons to give it a tuft like appearance and you have a beautiful headboard ready for you. This is one of the wall headboards for beds that you can easily make.

Give your Bedroom simple elegance with headboard in Black Tiles

This headboard is not too difficult. Get plywood cut from the store in the shape of tiles. Then fit it with foam and polyurethane faux leather. Mark the wall where you like your bed headboard to be and then attach these tiles on the wall with 3M adhesive stickers.

When all the tiles are fixed you will get a beautiful headboard in black faux leather to match you white bed and  your white bedding. This headboard is secure and comfortable and will add style to your bedroom.

A Fabric Headboard to give your bed a new Look

If you do not like too much of trouble than get a plywood cut to the size that you would like  your headboard to be. Keep this plywood on the floor and spray glue on it. Then spread the foam on it and take trouble to see it pressed properly and sticks firmly to the board. Then spread the fabric properly in front and staple it behind.

Then fix this headboard on the wall above your bed with screws so that it provides your bed a nice setting. This will add elegance to your bedroom without much expenditure since all the work has been done by you.


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