Add luxury to your bedroom with queen bed heads

Add luxury to your bedroom with queen bed heads

Bedroom is the place we spend most of the time so having a luxury styled bedroom   is the perfect setting. To add class to this bedroom you can install a queen bed head and compliment it with a night stand to match in the same color wood.

Queen bed heads are available in different styles and materials. You can have bed head of crafted wood like ash wood to give your bedroom an exotic look. This bed head can be cushioned with beautifully textured fabric with a trim to add glamour to the bed setting.

Grand Prairie Styled Queen Bed Head

When installing the queen bed head decide whether you would like to decorate your bedroom in the heritage style or modern contemporary style and accordingly set up the bed head. Have a fiberboard and plywood frame and upholster it with padded fabric.  Around the bed head have a deep tufting with a trim fixed by nail heads. This will give the bedroom a new look.

You can attach the bed head to the bed frame and furnish it with a black silk backing. The height of the bed head can be adjusted to meet your needs. It can have removable legs and a finished back. The upholstery used is a polyester blend that is soft to the touch. This will be ideal to lean and watch TV or read a book before you go to sleep.

Lily Wood Bed Head for Comfort

For additional comfort a lily wood queen bed head is the ideal solution when deciding to install a bed head to your bed. This bed head should be regularly dusted with lint free cloth or feather duster to  get rid of the dust  that settles on the bed head. It has a hardwood frame upholstered in banana leaf. The height of the bed head is 55”.This bed head will provide you comfort when you want to lean back and read.

Queen Size Fabric Bed Frame

To make your bedroom more comfortable a queen size fabric bed frame will be ideal. It is available in beige, grey and brown. The frame is of MDF solid wood plywood. There is padding of foam making it soft which is covered with linen fabric. It has wooden feet and wooden slats and is provided with one year warranty. This new queen bed head costs only around $289. To help you do it yourself the instruction manual and tools are included


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