Bed and couch configurations

Bed and couch configurations

The bed and couch is probably the most important furniture item in our home.  Their main purpose is to provide comfort and relaxation.  They relieve stress and allow our bodies to rest and recover so we can be energized for the next day.  There are different terms used to describe bed and couch.  Among them are sofa bed, futon and day bed.  They are often used interchangeably, but there are certain differences among them.  We will discuss each one briefly.

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is a couch that has underneath its cushions a frame and mattress that can be opened or unfolded to make a bed.  There are some important things to remember before buying a sofa bed.  Choose a sofa bed that has a strong frame, preferably kiln dried hardwood.  Make sure that the open and close mechanism is working properly.  This is important in assembling and disassembling the bed.  If it is damaged, you will have a difficult time whenever you transform from sofa to bed form.  Inspect the quality of the mattress.  It is advisable to test first the bed mattress before you buy a sofa bed.  Check its thickness and level of comfort.  Last but not the least, you must make sure that you will fit in the bed.  You do not want to buy a bed that is too short; if that happens, you will not be satisfied with the product.


Unlike the sofa bed, the futon has no separate frame and mattress for a pullout bed.  It looks like a regular couch that is used for sitting.  The nice thing about it is has wide cushions for the seat and back support that it can be converted into a bed.  Just press down the back cushion to the seats to convert it to a mattress.  The advantage of the futon over the sofa bed is its space saving feature.


If you live in a small space such as a condominium or apartment, you can opt for a daybed.  It is more of a bed that you can also use as a sofa.  It is usually equipped with a soft mattress so you can sleep well at night.  Most daybeds have backs and side rails so you can sit on it comfortably during daytime.

Whatever configuration you prefer for a bed and couch, it is important to take into consideration the level of comfort that the furniture item will bring.

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