Child safety seats for cars

Child safety seats for cars

Today cars are manufactured with safety norms to protect children during collisions but when the child is very small you need to buy special seats that are available with the car company for the protection of the child. In many places child has to be strapped in a special seat depending on the age, weight and height as per government rules.

Child safety seats protect the child if they are properly used. Very often child safety restraints are not properly adhered to by people in United States and Canada. In such cases children are at risk of getting hurt when collisions take place.

The Importance of Baby Seats

Very often  in car accidents,  specially  car crashes  children get seriously  hurt so to avoid these problems  baby sits are important  to hold  babies strapped to the seat beside the seat belt. This can protect the child in serious crashes. Booster seats reduce the risk of being hurt by half so it is advisable to have booster seats to protect children while driving.

All vehicle occupants need to use seat belts so children also below the age of 8 should be in a booster seat besides seat belts to protect them against crashes, swerves and sudden stops. Car seat and seat belts protect the important parts of the body from getting hurt. The seat belts spread the crash force over a larger area and protect the spinal cord and brain.

How Baby Seats can protect the Child?

As far as the federal law goes a baby of 60 lbs should be in a booster seat. Parents are advised to fix the booster seat when the mother is expecting the child so that the booster seat is properly fitted and secure   to be used when the baby arrives. Parents should always be cautious to see that the seat is of good quality and safe for the child.

The baby seats are usually for infants up to 20 lbs weight and face the back of the car. Here the small baby can snuggle and go to sleep as the car moves. The 5 point harness seat is the right one to help you to carry your baby on your travels as it is secure. Always try to be sure that the seat has a latch to hold the seat safely in place.

Never take Risks when travelling with your Infant

You should be able to remove the infants sit with a single click and attach it to the stroller when you are taking your baby out from the car. When the baby is small a padded sit with head support is the right one for your child. This seat should be fixed in the car at an angle of 45* which is the safe angle. It is best if you have an indicator that will help you to know the angle. By the time your child grows above 20 lbs it is time to change the baby seat.

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