Choose the best sofa bed queen for your home

Choose the best sofa bed queen for your home


You must have been thinking about buying a sofa bed since you were unable to arrange an overnight sleepover for your friends. As we all know that sofa beds can be used both as a bed and a couch, they need to be bought carefully so that you are able to properly use it according to your requirements. Some types of sofa beds are mentioned below so that you can have nothing else but the best sofa bed queen for your living room.

Pull-out sofa beds:

These sofa beds are commonly used all over the world. In order to convert such a sofa into a bed, you have to get rid of the sitting cushions and pull-out the mattress that is inside the sofa. One advantage of such sofa beds is that they are available in different sizes, such as single, full, queen, twin, etc. Another advantage is that they also come in different colors and fabrics.

However, there is no extra storage space available with them. Old people and those with back pains often find it difficult to pull out the bed, as such sofa beds have a mechanism that is difficult to operate. Pull-out sofa beds are also not super soft, so some may wake up having a back pain.


Futons are mostly known as sleeper type. Futons never look like a sofa, so they are not known as sofa beds. You can buy one spending only $150. So they are also very cheap as compared to a sofa bed queen. However, some particular designs may cost as much as $1000. One benefit of futons is numerous choices for the cushion and frame of futons are available; right from foam, wool cotton to spring and so on.

However, high-quality futons with inner spring mattress are a bit pricey. With the price of such a futon, you can even buy a European sofa bed. There is also no storage space available with futons.

European sofa beds:

These are both more durable and comfortable than the other types of sofa beds mentioned previously. European sofa beds have additional storage space and pulling out the bed is also an easy task. However, one disadvantage is that you cannot replace the cushion if it wears out.


So you can buy a particular type of sofa bed queen considering the space, quality and durability.

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