Choosing bedroom furniture for girls

Choosing bedroom furniture for girls

Talk to Her

If you are picking bedroom furniture for a girl make sure to speak with her first. She will appreciate it even if you don’t end up designing her room exactly as she’s requested. Show her some examples that you have found online or on Pinterest. Deciding on a general color or pattern is a good place to start. Find that focal point to the room and build off of that. Bedroom furniture for girls can vary from modern to vintage. It’s important to know what she’d like. Keep in mind also that the age of the girl makes a vast difference. Tastes change from year to year or even day to day!

Find your Materials

Go out and find pieces that fit the style you’re aiming for. If you have decided to paint the walls, pick furniture and bedding that compliments the new color. Do this by pairing a neutral color with a vibrant color. For example, if the walls are a vibrant pink then a white bed would compliment very well. If you have vibrant bedding with vibrant walls it may clash and prove to be a bit “too much”. That being said, if the girl says she absolutely wants to break this rule, feel free to break it.  Keep in mind budget and the size of the room. Oftentimes a young girl doesn’t have the most spacious room.

There are a few items that are stereotypically girly, such as a vanity mirror, canopy bed, and pink walls. For some girls these are absolute necessities. For others they’d rather opt for a different style.

Get to Work

After buying your materials get to work with the girl as you create her dream room. Start by painting the room the desired color. Take your time as this sets the tone of the room. Next add in any flooring such as an area rug. The bed, dresser, larger furniture should come next. Finally add in the small touches like pictures, chairs, or lamps. Feel free to use a picture or two from Pinterest as inspiration but make sure to make it your own.

By having her help you she’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in her work. When you’re done assembling her room she’ll be thrilled to stay in it because she’ll know the love and care that went into it.

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