Different factors about wicker bedroom furniture

Different factors about wicker bedroom furniture


Wicker furniture is made by weaving natural rattan. It is an ancient art that is able to provide a unique tropical look to your bedroom, living room or patio. Only Asians are expert at this technique and they harvest rattan, which is a type of palm, for making furniture. Let us now see what wicker bedroom furniture has to offer to you.

A variety of designs and styles

Wicker bedroom furniture sets come with a range of designs and styles. As a result, your option is not limited while choosing a particular set. You also have the option of painting such furniture in order to match with the existing bedroom’s color pattern. However, a disadvantage of wicker furniture is that it never works well with other types of bedroom themes. Thus you always have to stick to the same tropical, rustic bedroom décor.

Wicker furniture sets

Beds, chests, dressers, mirror frames, wardrobes, sofa sets, nightstands, etc. are a part of wicker bedroom furniture. Moreover, some other objects can also be created that are used as decorative pieces for a bedroom. For example, hampers, planters, lampshades, baby bassinets, carriages, and so on. Thus, wicker furniture sets are able to cover your whole bedroom.


As mentioned before, wicker bedroom furniture are created through covering a solid frame with woven rattan. However, cane, bamboo and even synthetic resin can be used for this purpose. It is preferred to opt for natural loom woven furniture with hardwood, solid aluminum or steel frame, as it provides an intricate finish with a strong and durable internal frame. The material should also be dense, as light wicker furniture is not durable.


Wicker bedroom furniture sets are light in weight, so they are easy to move around. These are also resistant to water, as rattan itself is waterproof unlike other types of wood. So they can be used beside swimming pools, in gardens, balcony, sea beaches, etc. Moreover, such furniture sets can also stand against extreme heat. So these can be used under direct sunlight without any problem.


As you can see, wicker furniture is capable of taking your bedroom’s décor to a whole new level. Wicker bedroom furniture can provide your bedroom a natural, tropical look. As a result, you can maintain a classy look with some durable and eye-catching bedroom furniture sets for years to come.

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