Different types of sofa for bedroom

Different types of sofa for bedroom


A chaise is an upholstered seat designed for reclining.  It can be considered as a chair and foot stool in one. It was derived from the French word ‘chaise longue’, meaning long chair.  Chaises have a back and soft cushion. Lying down is very relaxing because of its contoured shape.  This stylish piece of furniture is an ideal sofa for bedroom.


In the early days, divan was one of the more exotic words used to describe a comfortable chair designed for multiple persons.  Nowadays, a divan means a backless, armless couch.  The divan is an example of how Europeans applied a good design from Persia and used it to suit western lifestyles.  It has a mattress like seat, either directly on the ground or on top of a wooden frame.  Usually, it is pushed against the wall, where pillows can be placed to create a daytime seat, and at night it can be cleared away and used as a bed.


  1. H. Davenport was a Massachusetts furniture maker in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose sofas were so popular that the trademark became a generic term. A davenport is an upholstered sofa with a high back and arms. It was so popular that when convertible sofa-beds were first developed, they were called davenport beds.  It can be used as a sofa for bedroom.

Recamier Daybed

A recamier is a type of daybed that can also serve as a sofa. It has a curved headboard and scrolled, but usually shorter footboard.  Earlier designs are backless, but later versions often sported a low backrest that ran either all or partly down the length of the piece.  This sofa was developed in France in the 1790s and was named after Madame Recamier.


A popular term in the USA to refer to a sofa designed for two persons, it is a type of sofa that can accommodate either one big individual or 2 slender persons.  A loveseat can bring an elegant and romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.  This style of sofa made its debut in England and France during the seventeenth century.  During that time, it was not made for pair matching; it was designed for women who would wear extravagant dresses.  The manufacture of love seats as courting chairs started d

uring the nineteenth century.  A loveseat is the perfect sofa for bedroom.

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