Emphasizing your bedroom with black and white furniture

Synergy of Black and White

Black and white are probably the most flexible and versatile colors. Especially when designing and decorating, the intriguing combination of the colors creates a hint of interest and a soothing ambiance. This combination is one of the best in both fashion and interior designing because it is timeless – it goes well then and it still is today.

Deciding to utilize black and white bedroom furniture in your own personal intimate space is a wise choice. The mix can create a stunning timeless effect or you could go for a bold dramatic look. You will be surprised at the wide range of possibilities these classic colors can simultaneously produce. Using these hues in your bedroom goes really well with other neutral, light and deep colors. Using this flexible contrast provides the opportunity to create a crafty personalized look and feel of your room. These are some general themes to consider when using black and white bedroom furniture.

Traditional Design

Combination of black and white furniture in a room, especially in the bedroom, creates an aura of timeless sophistication. Classic renaissance and contemporary wood furniture fills the room with exquisite elegance. If you would like a heart-warming nostalgic feel in your bedroom, this is a good way to go.

Sophisticated architectural themes of scale and floral patterns on your furniture suggest a royal and regal atmosphere. This is the best space to add your personal dramatic flair without being too attentive to details. It promotes an active and attentive invitation to the eyes while avoiding pattern fatigue. Books and reading materials work really well here, complementing the tradition of the room.

Modern Design

The lovely contrast also goes well with the trendy monochromatic and minimalistic theme. Striped pieces create a professional designer look to the whole bedroom, drawing attention to the whole shapes rather than fine intricate details.

You can go with natural black-and-white patterns of animal prints on your pieces of furniture to create a wild and playful spice to your bedroom. This also creates a look of motion and attracts attention. Using geometric themes and patterns is also recommended. Be careful not to overwhelm the room with patterns that are too dominating. Keep in mind that there are so many different tones of both colors and learn to use them accordingly. When done right, it promotes cohesion of the modern elements in your room, perfect even for kid’s rooms where different colored toys are emphasized.

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