Feel royal with green armchair

Feel royal with green armchair

What’s with the green upholstery fad that we bear! Whenever we see one, we go gaga over it. May be it has to do something with the fact that it is extensively used in Victorian era decoration and we want to feel a pinch of it in our daily lives. Also color green represents balance and harmony and also growth and prosperity. Why not, money is represented by green color, isn’t it! So why don’t we add that touch into our lives and décor too!

Pop out in style:

Color green helps anything to get noticeable in a rather dull environment. So use the green armchair in your monochromatic décor to add that touch of quirkiness. At the same time, green ensures that you will not go overboard with the color in your décor. Check the green upholstery in many of those series released in 90’s to get an idea. For example, apple green armchair in a white or cream background will help you pop the things a bit.

Spice it up:

You might want to play with colors a bit in your décor and a better way to do that is with green. There are many shades in green like the apple, cinder, grass, lemongrass, etc, which when combined will give you an awesome illusion. Play with those colors with your green armchair and contrast with multicolour rugs down or with a heavily contrasted red or black and see the change it brings to the room’s décor. You will not be able to leave the room at all. When you combine this with the modern design of green armchair like the swivel one, there is no stopping to your creative bounds and happiness.

Cushion the pouf:

What you will do when you wanted to have that dark moss green armchair and a stuffy one at that! You go with the cushiony one with a pouf. With that combination, you will see such majesty that you want to change your entire decor to green shades.  It is apt for people who do not want to go with red or red shades but want to have that regal touch in décor. Search the stores around Houston for more ideas or get to the online sites.

Apart from these, when you buy a green armchair, make sure that it is sturdy and screws are well placed because those are some regular complaints you see from customers.

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