Get youth bedroom sets for boys and furnish their bedroom

Get youth bedroom sets for boys and furnish their bedroom

Youth Bedroom Sets for Boys and girls consist of a bed with a night stand and a chest of drawers with a mirror. Boy’s bedroom will require the furnishings that boys of today use like orange, green and blue while girls will be yellow pink and red. The color of the bedroom furniture can be white, Austin chocolate or Bay Street blue.

Choose Youth Bedroom Sets for Boys and give your son’s bedroom a new look

Bay Street blue is the right color for the boy’s bedroom. Made from solid birch wood with birch veneer it is durable and can last many years. The bed can be placed against the wall with a lamp on the night stand to provide enough light for reading.  Place the chest of drawers with the mirror against the wall on the right side of the bed. The drawers will provide enough room for storage.

If need be you can have a bookshelf or a table with chair so he can sit and work on his laptop whenever he desires. Some painting that he has painted can be framed and placed above the bed. One or two school photos can be hung on the other walls making him feel this room is his very own.

Have a bedroom your son will love to sleep in

Boys usually do not waste much time in a bedroom as they are more interested in outdoor activities like games. They mostly use the bedroom for sleeping or to play with their mechanized toys when the weather is bad and they cannot go out to play. Bedroom is also the place to play video games or watch TV.

They are not interested in the color of the bed so getting a bedroom set of quality wood that will last a long time is the ideal solution.

A Youth Bedroom Set for Boys in Ivy League White

A Bedroom set of Ivy league white made of poplar wood   would be durable and last a long time. It cost $1000 for a three piece set. The hardware used is all brushed and accented nickel. The set consists of a bed with a night stand with 2 drawers and a chest with eight drawers and a mirror. It has well shaped solid wood legs that hold the bed firmly on the ground.

This is a twin size bed with framed molding at the coordinating pieces. This bedroom set is very affordable and functional for a boy’s bedroom.

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