Give your bed a new look with king head and footboard

Give your bed a new look with king head and footboard

Bedroom is the place where you spend most of the time when you are at home so giving the bedroom a new look with make it more comfortable for you. Installing a king head and footboard will make it more stylish. There are various types of headboards and foot boards available but getting one that is stylish and cost effective will be an advantage.

A King Head and Footboard in Red Wood

If you have a spacious bedroom than a king head and footboard will be ideal for your bed. The headboard in sturdy wood in the shape of an arch with two solid wood pillars on either side will provide elegance to your bedroom. The footboard is also is in the shape of an arch with two solid pillars on either side. All the pillars are beautifully carved and the headboard has a carved wooden bow in the centre.

The headboard is furnished in leather giving it a soft feel. So whenever you feel in the mood to read or watch TV you can relax on the headboard and enjoy the feel. The head and the footboard are attached to the bed by a wooden frame giving it a regal look.

A canopy bed with a headboard and footboard

A king-size double bed would be ideal for a spacious bedroom. The bed and the wooden frame  for the canopy can be  made of  wood  which  will make it strong and durable to last a long time. The four pillars are beautifully carved with ridges.  The headboard is a little narrow on the top and broad at the base and is furnished with leather to match.

The footboard is also of wood in the same chocolate brown which is horizontally carved giving it step like appearance. The canopy is put on the frame giving the bed a vintage setting.

Fit a Metal Headboard to your bed and give it a modern Look

If you want to add a little more comfort to your bed, fit a metal king head and footboard. When you are in a mood to watch TV or read a book then you can rest on the headboard and be comfortable. Besides providing comfort it also adds elegance to the bedroom setting.

The headboard and footboard are made up of strong metal frame with twisted metal in the form of horizontal ‘S’ fitted below with straight metal rods fitted to the ‘S’. When you buy the King Head and footboard it comes ready with the screws and the tools required for fitting.

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