Give your bed a new look with white headboards king

Give your bed a new look with white headboards king

Giving you bedroom a new look with white headboards king, will not only add style but make you bedroom very inviting. There are a variety of headboards that fit into this category but choosing one that is ideal for the bedroom is not an easy task. This requires visiting all the furniture stores and getting one that is stylish and cost effective to decorate your bedroom.

Wood Headboard in White for a simple look

This headboard is made of strong sturdy wood and will last long many years. It is provided with solid wood support to hold it firmly on the ground. The Arched shaped headboard with the two pillars on either side with lamp shaped top gives it a charming look. It cost only around $440 with free delivery within 2 weeks.

Since this headboard is white in color you will require a feather duster or a lint material to dust it regularly and keep it free of dust. After you buy the headboard if you still feel like going on a spending spree you can buy a night stand and a lamp to match the setting.

Revere Headboard for best use of space

If you have a space problem and want to make the best use of the entire space available then revere headboard in white will be ideal with draws for accommodating books and other stuff and keeping the bedroom spic and span. The white look compliments the bedroom décor. This headboard has drawers on either side with a cubby in the centre.

This costs around $94 with free delivery.  In case you require any other stuff for your bedroom you can have your pick as the rates are very affordable. This white headboards king can provide a dual solution headboard.

Tufted White Headboard to match Bedroom décor

Add richness to your bedroom décor with tufted white headboard. The headboard is built in an arched shape that combines regally with the soft plush border and the diamond tufting to provide an elegant setting to the bedroom. This headboard can be adjusted to fit big beds as well as the queen bed if you so desire. Since this headboard is white in color it provides a calm and soothing atmosphere to the bedroom.

The headboard has black iron legs that can hold it firmly on the ground. The rate is very affordable if you like to furnish your bedroom with this headboard. The colors available are beige grey and light grey and it comes with 90 days warranty.


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