Guide to buying rattan bedroom furniture

Are you planning to renovate your bedroom, and looking for some unique furniture ideas? Well then, maybe it’s time to go off the beaten path, and rejig things with rattan bedroom furniture. For the uninitiated, rattan furniture is made from the soft and flexible woody stem of climbing palms, belonging to the reed family. Rattan furniture is generally seen as perfect for outdoor use, given that it’s lightweight and eco-friendly. However, this type of furniture is finding a place in living rooms and bedrooms too. So if you are now considering jazzing up your personal space with rattan bedroom furniture, here is a quick guide! Material Rattan furniture comes in two types – synthetic (made of PVC) or the traditional organic rattan cane. Synthetic rattan fibers are either made of PVC or HDPE (high density polyethylene). However, HDPE is more durable and cheaper of the two. Also, warranties on synthetic rattan furniture can vary from one to ten years, and this is an effective way to determine its durability. Weave The denser the weave, the more hardwearing will that piece of furniture be. Hence, you would need to pay particular attention to this aspect while buying rattan bedroom furniture. The weaving is generally done by hand, so you would also need to watch out for the finishing. UV Resistance Though your rattan bedroom furniture might not be regularly exposed to sunlight, you can still opt for a UV stabilized set. This would help ensure that your furniture retains its luster and color for a longer time. Rattan vs. Wicker Many often interchange the terms rattan and wicker, assuming they are the same. However, wicker isn’t a material like rattan but rather a technique used to derive products out of materials like bamboo, rattan, and straw. The process adopted by artisans is to wet these natural materials, and then weave them to create wicker furniture Maintenance You would be happy to know that rattan furniture is very easy to maintain. You don’t need to invest in any fancy cleaning products, as a mild detergent, warm water, and soft cloth will do the trick for you. However, do make sure that the cloth you use to wipe the furniture isn’t too wet (squeeze out all dripping water). From time to time, you can also add a coat of lacquer for additional protection. Additionally, remember to choose sturdy frames for your bedroom, and keep in mind the layout to ensure that your new furniture fits in perfectly. We are sure you are going to love your new rattan bedroom furniture.
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