Have queen headboard upholstered to add style to your bedroom

Have queen headboard upholstered to add style to your bedroom Decorating ideas

Every bed requires a headboard for style, so having a beautiful upholstered headboard will make the bed comfortable and add style to the bedroom. A headboard of hand woven natural fibers or a tufted headboard can enhance the look of the bedroom and make it inviting.

Tufted Queen Headboard for Sophistication and Comfort

To make your bedroom comfortable and luxurious install a queen headboard upholstered in tuft design. This diamond shaped tufts can provide your bed elegance besides comfort when you want to relax and watch TV before going to sleep. The tufts stand out giving the headboard a contemporary look. This headboard can be attached to any queen bed with full metal frames or any other. The height of the headboard can be adjusted. The Headboard comes with sturdy black legs which support if firmly on the ground. It can match a variety of furnishings in your bedroom with its neutral color Queen Headboard in Walnut Brown to give your Bedroom a new Look. A walnut brown Queen Headboard upholstered bed can provide style that only pure pine wood provides. It is hand crafted in walnut brown and will last many years. It has strong wooden legs that hold it firmly on the ground. It is adjustable and can be fitted to any bed. Since it is walnut brown it will easily match with any bedroom décor. It cost around $450 with free delivery to your home. It is flexible and can be easily fitted to any wood or metal bed frame. It can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth to keep it free of dust.  When it arrives you will have to assemble it yourself.

Upholstered Headboard in Simple Design

Give your bed a new look with a modern upholstered headboard. This headboard is simple but elegant providing an air of simplicity to the bedroom décor. The Headboard has a frame of particle wood and solid wood legs to support it. The upholstery is in fine linen that highlights the setting. This headboard is not adjustable so you have to check the height you require and pick it up accordingly. This headboard is compatible with most mattresses with box springs. When you order the colors may slightly differ with the colors on the screen. Since the frame is made of wood it last many years without any problem. The headboard costs around $60 with free delivery to your door step.  
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