How to decorate my bedroom perfectly?

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Importance: Decoration is art of beautifying and glorifying. A home without proper decor is just a place to live in. Décor does not necessarily mean buying expensive and luxurious furniture or decoration pieces. A little wallpaper, paint, and or colorful accents can make such a big difference in decorating home. Small changes can bring great effect in changing and modifying the look of home. Bedroom is foremost part of a home. It has pivotal position in defining the look and shape of home. A bedroom needs to look perfectly alluring and fashionable. An elegant bedroom may have different features depending upon individual choices and likes unlikes. Bedroom décor express one’s personality and explicit one’s natural charisma. Need for décor: Bedroom should be arranged in such a manner that it should be the one space where you get to recharge yourself. You revive your energy and refuel yourself. Bedroom is one place in the home where all the items of daily usage are to be kept altogether from hair brush to clothes and dressing to closet. Everything of personal need is to kept in bedroom but on the same time managed and arranged in such a way to avoid clutter and mess and keep décor intact. Decoration ideas: While decorating my bedroom, I keep some things in mind to make it look perfect. It should be airy so as to avoid suffocation. Everything should have a proper place to maintain. To avoid creating mess proper storage spaces should be arranges for different items like closet and shoe boxes, charger hangers etc. room wallpaper should coordinate with bed sheets and curtains and odd one out sofa covers should be avoided. All the furniture should coordinate with each other and make a complete set. Colors should be selected in such a way that it gives a refreshing and energetic look. Pile on the pillar, is one of great ideas and we should not shy away from mixing patterns. Combination of large prints with small ones, floral with geometrics. Complementary bed linens pull the décor together beautifully. A printed bedsheet brings a distinctive feature to bedroom décor. Prints are not only reserved for bedcovers, they can be used for bed side lamps. Walls adjustable lamps save space and give elegance. Beautiful piece of furniture becomes the focal point in the room. Soft lightening adds to the sense of warm comfort. Decorating my bedroom is one of the main parts of home décor.  
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