Ideas for some cool bedroom furniture

Ideas for some cool bedroom furniture

We spend a chunk of our lives sleeping. It’s because of this that we need to ensure that the we have some cool bedroom furniture to go with the places that we spend almost a third of our lives at. This list is mostly going to comprise of beds because let’s face it we don’t really care about the other kinds of furniture in the room. These beds take weird design and mostly depends on individual’s preferences. Here’s what we saw as cool bedroom furniture:


  • A book bed

This bed design was created by Yusuke Suzuki. It was made to resolve the issue of space that many Japanese families in urban dwellings face. The cool thing about this bed is mostly the design it employs. On top of that, like a book it also folds up. You unfold it when going to sleep and in the morning you fold it back just like a book and use it as a play mat. It even has pages that can be used as a duvet and pillows.

  • A rocking bed

This bed is pretty interesting. Some of us loved being rocked to sleep and love rocking chairs, so why not a rocking bed. As the name implies the bed rocks. It doesn’t take up that much space and you can literally rock yourself to sleep. It’s also well made, so you won’t fall over when rocking.

  • The Trix bed

Here’s a very interesting bed. You see this bed can be used as many kinds of furniture pieces. The bed is modular and has 3 cushions of different sizes that are linked together through a system of rubber bands. You could use it as a lounge chair, an arm chair and a bed among many other things. It’s all up to you really.

  • Under the bed dresser

If you have a compact room or are short on space, you could consider this type of bed. It’s a simple bed with a twist. It has a dresser under it that you could use to store your clothing and many other things. Sure, the bed isn’t anything special, but it’s definitely great for those that have trouble with space.

  • A suspended bed

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m yet to meet a person that hates hammocks. They are just relaxing. When picturing this bed, picture a hammock but more rigid in terms of the bed itself. The materials used to make this bed are wood and they have a different design to normal beds. The best part about them is that they make you feel like your sleeping on a cloud.

There is much more to a bedroom than just the bed, but this is what we consider to be cool bedroom furniture. The bedroom is the place that we go sleep, so why not make the thing we sleep on unique and interesting. The beds we listed are amazing, if you ever get a chance you should try them.

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