Inexpensive queen headboards for simple elegance

Inexpensive queen headboards for simple elegance

If you feel in the mood to give your bedroom a new look without too much of expense, it is advisable to visit the different furniture stores and pick a headboard that is stylish and cost effective. There are a few headboards with plywood base and linen tops that can provide you the added luxury. Inexpensive queen headboards can provide your bedrooms simple elegance

Linen Headboard for Elegance

A linen headboard made of pine base on which is fitted foam and covered with a linen fabric can provide the necessary charm to any bedroom. On the linen surface buttons are fitted at regular intervals to provide that soft firm feeling. The buttons hold the foam and linen in place. It is very affordable and provides all the comfort that any headboard can offer.

This headboard is available in light grey and beige linen with the tufted linen providing an effect  that is quite stunning. The linen and pine that is used in this headboard can provide you comfort for a few years. It comes with one year warranty, so you   have nothing to fear if you notice some manufacturing defect before a year.

Embroidered Floral Upholstered Headboard

An embroidered headboard is definitely different from the many headboards that are seen in the furniture showrooms. The white embroidery on a dark grey headboard provides elegance to the bedroom. This headboard has solid legs to hold it firmly on the ground.

The materials used in the headboard consist of a wooden frame, on which is fitted the foam. The material used to cover this foam is black velvet. The foam used is polyurethane foam which is quite comfortable. The height can be accommodated to fit the different bed sizes. They provide free shipping and the facility to pay the cost within 24 months.

Give your Bed the Simple Charm of Messina Embroidered Headboard

An embroidered headboard is worth the charm it provides to the bedroom. It is simple and elegant. The fabric used is linen with taupe embroidery for style. Headboard can be adjusted to fit any size bed. The material used for the headboard is polyurethane foam with velvet fabric for the cover. The legs too are provided with velvet cover.

The headboard is affordable for the price. The warranty that is offered for this headboard is only 30 days. Colors available are beige and taupe. It is a modern contemporary pattern than can enhance the bedroom with its simplicity. The headboard payments can be settled in installments within 24 months. Inexpensive queen headboards are the trend for modern homes.

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