Install beds with headboards only to tackle space constraint

Install beds with headboards only to tackle space constraint

If you are deciding to redecorate your bedroom and give it a new look install beds with headboards only. This will help you to reduce on your expense and still provide the bedrooms in your home the style. Maybe you can install the footboards at a later date if you so desire. Also if there is no footboard a person of any height can use the bed at any time without any problem.

Bed with Wood Headboard for Durability

Beds with headboards only provide elegance to the bedroom setting so if you are deciding to install a bed in your bedroom choose one with a headboard of wood. Wood is known for its elegance and durability   and you will have no problems with the bed for many years. Just sandpaper and polish will give it a new look anytime you get the feeling it is looking old.

The arched shaped headboard has strong wood beams to support it firmly on the ground. The headboard is ideal for helping you to relax when you want to read a book or do some crocheting. It costs around $440 with free delivery to your doorstep.

Beds with Headboards only for Children’s Room

Decorating children’s room with beds with headboards only is a wise idea as children grow. Once the children are quite big then you can have the footboard installed. Children hardly spend much time in the room when they are at home so a bed with a headboard is ideal for the room.

Children’s bedroom can have a bed with cotton upholstered headboard with a slip cover. This slipcover provides functionality and elegance to the bed. The padding helps the child to sleep comfortably without hurting its head on the headboard. Since children tend to dirty the bed linen quite often the slipcover can be removed and laundered.

Enhance your Bedroom with a Modern Bed with Linen Fabric Headboard

Having a bed in contemporary design will provide your bedroom with an elegant style. The headboard consists of a frame of particleboard fitted with foam and linen fabric. It has a button trim that highlights the contemporary style.

The headboard can be adjusted to 4 different heights. It has 4 notches where it can be attached to the bed. The bed with the headboard comes with very affordable price. You can pay for the bed with headboard in 48 monthly installments. Free delivery is provided to your door step within two to three weeks.

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