Maintaining kids bedroom storage space

Sneaky DIY Small Space Storage and Organization Ideas on a budget!

Why It Is Needed? Kids these days are demanding and need proper place for themselves. They need proper bedroom all to themselves. Bedroom, fulfilling all their requirements like sleeping, playing, working and storing. Helping a kid to grow up in a better way and keeping his choices and likes in mind is a real hard work and a challenge. Their bedroom should be reflection of their personalities. This will help them grow and in development of their personality and nature. It should be arranged and maintained in such a manner that he enjoys his time in that room and is not bored after a week. His likes and unlikes should be given prime importance in decorating his room. Requirement: Kids like taking out things and not putting them back. They like being their own in charge. They do what they feel is convenient and is time saving. Kid’s rooms are often messy and cluttered with their stuff toys, books and many more. They like playing wherever they want. So we need to manage their room properly to maintain it and adjust space to fit in everything they need. Storage Space Allocation: For a kid’s bedroom storage space should be managed in such a way that it do not occupy all the space but on the same time do adjust everything in it. A storage space should be convenient for child, to take out and put in, his stuff. Child should feel comfortable with it and do not take it as a challenge. Such storage space can be in form of under bed drawers, study table cabinets. Keeping jigsaw puzzle piece in a jars. Arranging hooks and hangers, maintaining hanging baskets, using closet furniture with shelves and cabinets. Proper bookshelves should be maintained to keep books in proper place. Bed side tables should have drawers to adjust small necessities in hand and in place. A trunk is another easy way to store bulk amount of toys and such stuff. Space underneath the bed is great storage place to manage lot of stuff. But above all toys on display is one of the basic features of kid’s bedroom storage and this sshould be kept this way. Proper convenient and in hand storage places should be maintained for everything separately so to maintain neat and tidy look of the room. This will help having a child and a clean home altogether.  
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