Make your bedroom comfortable with small bedroom furniture

Make your bedroom comfortable with small bedroom furniture

When furnishing a bedroom you require a lot of planning as this is the room mostly used when you are at home. Bedroom should be comfortable and inviting with enough space to move about comfortably and relax.

How to set your Bedroom to make it Look Spacious?

Place the bed opposite the window with the headboard touching the wall. Above the bed place a nice framed picture that will highlight the bedroom. The bedroom should be painted in light colors since light colors give a feeling of spaciousness.  Choose a bed with storage space which will help in storing bed linen and other stuff so that the bedroom can be free of clutter.

Have a lamp fitted on the wall above the picture. A small ottoman can be placed on the side of the bed to place books or other necessities. On either side of the bed have a carpet. A small stool for sitting and a shelf fitted to the wall  can accommodate any stuff you require around the bedroom. This way small bedroom furniture can enhance your bedroom.

Setting up a Bedroom with Small Bedroom Furniture

When setting up a small bedroom the walls should be painted white and even the bed furnishing should be in white to make it look bright and spacious. The small bed with storage space should be placed touching the wall with a night stand on its side.  A lamp can be placed on the nightstand to provide light for reading. A closet can be placed to accommodate stuff a little away from bed. This can have a glass front which will help you to arrange your make-up.

A shelf above the bed can hold some accessories. Across from the bed a chest of drawers can be placed to store other household stuff.  A small sofa a little way from the bed can provide sitting when necessary. This small bedroom furniture can provide you all the comfort.

A small Bed Sitting Room for Accommodation

When space is a constraint you need to furnish the available space to maximum advantage giving  it a look of elegance. You can place the bed in the centre against the wall.  Built in wall shelves can be used for storage. On either side of the bed have closet to store clothes and other accessories. On one side of the bed is the window on the other side the door leading to the bathroom.

Have a potted plant next to the window to give the setting a natural look. In the corner near the bathroom door place a sofa in front of the window with a coffee table in front of it. A curtain   can separate the bed from the sitting arrangement.

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