Platform bedroom set for the contemporary styled bedrooms

Platform bedroom set for the contemporary styled bedrooms

When it comes to designing the interiors of a bedroom, there are a lot of factors that influence the interior theme. Bedrooms are private areas and they need to reflect the personality of the individuals using it. If you have a modern take on the various choices you make, you should consider a contemporary style to your bedroom that reflects your personality. Contemporary themes are highly functional and they look good, even if you have a small room. One essential element that helps in conveying a contemporary theme is a platform bedroom set that fits snugly inside your bedroom.

 Advantages of Platform style beds

Beside the esthetic of the platform style beds, they also offer a lot of functional benefits. Traditional style beds are bulky and it takes up a lot of interior space, whereas platform style beds are much sleeker in design, thus freeing up a lot of space. The beds are held up by bed posts in each corner, this design feature creates a floating design and it can easily fit into the corner of the room. Some platform bed set include storage facility under the bed, an excellent feature for small apartment bedroom in which you would not have place for full size cupboards. They also offer better ventilation in comparison to traditional style beds. They are also much more comfortable as there are no edges or springs for support.

Disadvantages of platform style beds

They do have some disadvantages when it comes to usability. Old people would find it difficult use the bed as it sits low and naturally this makes it difficult to get in and out of the bed. Good quality beds are costly compared to the box spring traditional beds. Moving the bed can be difficult as it can get really heavy and assembling is also not easy. Room cleaning can get a lot difficult with the bed being so low and dust could accumulate under the gaps between the bed and the floor.

Designing the interior with platform bedroom set

Usually the bedroom set includes a bed, two night stand and a cupboard all featuring the same design theme as the bed which can come in various sizes from twin to California king size. Arrange the bed in the middle of the room to facilitate better ventilation. There are various material choices available, so finding one that suits your style would not be difficult.


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