Purchasing quilted headboard beds for your home

Purchasing quilted headboard beds for your home

Customized quilted headboards

To make you feel warm, cosy and comfortable when sleeping custom quilted headboards are definitely the best choice. A custom quilted headboard bed looks elegant and classy and perfect to set a romantic mood in your bedroom. You can find a huge array of good quality quilted headboards in a number of designs and colours to suit your taste. There are also various custom headboard ideas that you can go through.

Ideas of quilted headboard bed

The first thing you must consider is to decide on the size of the headboard. You may want it to be wide and tall and generally headboard beds often have the same width or just a little wider than the mattress.

Using a classic looking quilted headboard bed you can spruce up your bedroom and even make it more comfortable than ever. Custom made quilted headboard beds that are covered in fabric offer utmost comfort and softness and best while lounging and reading on it. You can also add some luxurious linens, bedding and pillows on it to make it look good.

Tips to choose a quilted headboard bed

Selection of fabric

It is important that you get fabrics for your headboard like linen or cotton that is easy to clean. Fabrics such as velvets and cotton chenille are light in weight and can be used for the upholstery or quilt. If you like a retreat or spa like style these types of fabrics are a perfect choice. But if you have kids and pets in the family they won’t last for long.

Protection of fabric

Using a fabric protector or sealer you can treat the fabric of your headboard bed which protects the bed from the stains when beverages like coffee or other liquids or hair products are spilled on it. The stains don’t set in your fabric and hence the bed is protected well. Also it is best to avoid the commercial cleaning products to clean the fabric as it may damage the quality of the fabric. Instead you can use club soda to gently blot on the stains. You can seek a professional quilted headboard bed cleaner if you find the stain is stubborn.

Finishing and Details

For fine detailing and finishing touch of your headboard you can use welts and fabric trims at the edges which enables you to outline the shape of the headboard. For a snug and quilted look using large buttons are a great idea.

Keep the headboard firm

Make sure that the headboard bed is firm enough because if it is squishy it will be uncomfortable to sit against it.

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