Solid oak bedroom furniture to boost the luxury quotient

Solid oak bedroom furniture to boost the luxury quotient

Why use Solid Oak wood furniture?

Solid Oak furniture is considered as a rare novelty item, these works of art can transform your bedroom into an elegant royal suite. Yes they are expensive and hard to move around, beside that solid oak wood is the best material to build furniture. The furniture carved out is unique as the grain patterns of the oak tree vary with each tree. The wood is resistant to termite attacks and rot, which makes them deal for making furniture. You can find good collections of solid oak bedroom furniture offline and through online that suit your style.

Advantages of Solid oak furniture       

The main advantage of the solid oak wood is its strength and durability. Oak wood is soft and easy to carve when it is green but it will harden overtime. Properly aged oak wood furniture can last decades and even centuries if maintained and used well. Solid woods are known for their strength, Oak is a hard wood and it is really strong, thus it is ideal for making load bearing furniture like chairs and beds. They are also easy to stain to give a rustic look to your bedroom. Each tree has a unique grain print like our fingerprint, so no furniture would look- alike. They are also resilient to termites and other pesky pest’s attacks. The wood also have very little issues with moisture, a good coat of polish can help it last for ages. Another important advantage of this wood is that, there is an active resale market for the solid oak furniture. Most of the furniture carries no value after a certain period but solid oak bedroom furniture in good condition can fetch some money from the right buyer. Antique oak furniture is the most sought out furniture by the collectors.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing new solid oak furniture.

Purchasing oak wood furniture is a costly affair, an average bedroom set can cost upward of 10000 dollars. It is an asset that need a lot of attention and care while purchase. Like all costly items there are a lot of cheap knock offs out there. The unique grains that make the oak wood so valuable are easily reproduced on cheap wood with paint. You might not be able to tell the original from the duplicate by simply looking at it, always check the weight of furniture.  Solid Oak bedroom furniture is always heavy, so if the furniture too light avoid it.

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