Some ideas for picket fence headboard

Some ideas for picket fence headboard

The design of picket fence headboard has become popular with the chic and shabby decorative styles. The picket fence headboards are typically made with vinyl or wood material. They come in a painted finish, or varnished with polyurethane or also available in it natural form. There are a number of picket fence designs to choose from with finials and bevelled ends. These types of headboard designs are inexpensive and are the best solutions for a headboard to provide classy touch and style to your room.

The Shabby Chic style

This is one popular decorative theme for a picket fence headboard. It makes use of pastel coloured furniture as the focal point and hence you can use a white traditional wood picket fence for the headboard. And you can paint the fence in another colour like light green, yellow, robin egg blue or light pink to match with your room. After leaving the paint to dry you can use a sand paper and rub off the paint lightly. This offers a glimpse of both the wood and the white paint on its surface.

You can also distress the parts of the fence by using sand paper at the corners or also by creating dents in the areas that are visible. To add more style and charm to it you can add a light stencil in an indistinct location on the headboard.

Garden Inspired picket fence headboard

Another popular idea for picket fence headboard is the garden theme. A white coloured picket fence can be used for this style. Garden inspired items like floral vines including colourful flowers, painted birds, ivy, critters, ladybugs, etc. can be added to the headboard. To add some character to the fence, you can include a floral swag to it.

Also adding homemade birdhouses is a great idea for garden inspired picket fence headboard. Add small planters using live or faux flowers to the picket fence headboard to bring the garden inspired style.

Recycled materials for picket fence headboard

To get the most out of your picket fence headboard it is best to recycle the supplies that are required to create the headboard. You can either use a picket fence that is not in use or taken down or you can purchase one. These can be purchased from a recycle centre or from the flea markets, or you can get them from an auction in the estate. You can recycle them by adding a new paint or finish to make a unique looking picket fence headboard.

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