Stylish arm chairs for living room

Stylish arm chairs for living room

The living room is one of the most important areas of the home.  It is the place where we relax, have a conversation with family and friends, and watch our favourite television shows and movies.  It is important therefore that we give attention to the appearance and level of comfort of our living room.  Aside from the sofa, arm chairs for living room provide style and elegance to our home.  Many people are not too familiar with arm chair designs.  Fortunately, we are enumerating 5 different types of arm chairs for living room.

Bibendum Chair

This ultra-comfortable chair features a wide, tubular design and thick padding for the seat and back support.  You will surely feel relaxed sitting on this chair; so relaxed that you can even be lulled to sleep.  It is perfect for people who want to rest after a busy day at work.  It usually comes in black, brown, or gray.

Egg Chair

This slim and slender arm chair is both stylish and functional.  It features an arched back and a rounded bottom to fully support the contours of the body.  This seductive looking chair is a gorgeous decorative piece that you can add in your living room.  Your friends and visitors will surely notice this beautiful chair.  If you are looking for arm chairs for living room, the egg chair should be one of your top choices.

Swan Chair

The swan chair shares some characteristics with the egg chair, which is considered as its cousin.  The main difference is the lower back and upward pointing seat.  Its sleek design is ideal for a modern or contemporary interior design theme.  Like the egg chair, the swan chair is one good looking piece of furniture that will enhance the look of your living room.

Coconut Chair

As the name suggests, this chair is shaped like a chopped coconut.  But do not judge it just yet.  When you see the picture of this awesome chair, you will realize that it can be an asset to your living room.  Its shape and form can be a focal point of attention.

Wishbone Chair

If you want a glamorous and elegant arm chair, consider buying a wishbone chair.  It has a slim and slender frame, adding to its beauty.  Usually, it comes in cream or white color, but you can also find similar chairs painted in light blue and other pastel colors.  The arm rest and back support has roughly the same height.

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