The essential buyers’ guide for toddler bedroom furniture sets

The essential buyers’ guide for toddler bedroom furniture sets

Your little one has finally outgrown their crib and you are looking to re-do their bedroom to compliment this new stage of life. What you need is a toddler bedroom furniture set. Most toddler bedroom furniture sets sold online are customisable, meaning that you can pick and choose what to include in yours. We have put together a list of the most important things to look for to make little Timmy or Tammy never want to leave their room again! Because your child is still a toddler, safety is the most important factor when deciding what to include in your toddler bedroom furniture set.

The Bed

Because your child is still a toddler, chances are he/she is a wriggler. One cannot have a toddler bedroom furniture set, without a bed. It is recommended that toddlers sleep in beds with raised panels on either side to protect them from falling out of bed while they sleep. The bed must also not be too high off the ground (which rules out beds for older children) so they can easily get in and out of bed, especially in the middle of the night. You can go for the classic four-poster bed frame, or submit to your child’s fantasies of a character-themed sleigh bed.

The Dresser

The dresser needs to have enough drawers to organize your child’s clothes. Usually 5 to 6 drawers are the standard. The dresser should be made of a sturdy wood, and the drawers should not be able to be pulled out completely.

The Nightstand

Another must! The perfect place to put a night light as well as storage for your child’s favourite bedtime books and toys, always within reach. A nightstand is a perfect accessory to frame the room.

The Storage Bench

A necessity to put your child’s toys away at the end of each day, it also gives you the added bonus of a training tool to teach your child responsibility. The bench should be easily accessible to your toddler, so it does not have to be made of sturdy wood. The drawers of the bench should be easy to pull out to encourage your child’s independence during play time. The best storage benches have drawers made of a lighter cloth to make it easier for the child.

These are the must-haves for your toddler bedroom furniture set and will make for the best starter toddler room.

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