The growing popularity of childrens bedroom suites

The growing popularity of childrens bedroom suites

Children’s bedroom suites have grown in popularity after having a decline in previous years. They were wildly popular in the mod 1950’s and 1960’s, but their popularity waned for a time in the succeeding decades for numerous reasons, one of which could be the economy. This latest resurgence, however can be attributed to a few different factors:

It is Cost Effective

Children are expensive. They are an ongoing cost, and you want to cut those costs where possible. One way to do this is by purchasing children’s bedroom suites. By purchasing children’s bedroom suites as one whole set, you are cutting down the cost of buying each individual piece. Usually, stores and outlets will sell an entire set to you at a cheaper rate, and the individual pieces, when bought separately, will cost hundreds of dollars more.

It Will Be Matching

Another benefit when purchasing children’s bedroom suites in one full set is that you know each piece will match the other. Instead of having to search high and low for similar looking pieces, you can buy your bed, dresser, and sometimes a desk or bedside table all at once that will be a perfect match with each other. Which leads me to my next point…

It Saves Time

You could drive all over your city, and your neighbouring cities or towns trying to find a bedside table that matches your current bed frame, or a bed frame that matches your wardrobe or dresser. Why not just buy a brand new bedroom suite all at once and save yourself the gas, and the time spent going to every furniture store you can think of to locate items, simply because they look the same, or you think you may be saving a few dollars here and there (protip: you are absolutely NOT saving any money.) Even if one place offers the dresser cheaper than the place you buy your bed at, you will still have to spend gas driving to the other location and possibly even have to pay for delivery if you do not have a vehicle large enough to fit the piece you are buying. Why waste all that time and effort when you can purchase children’s bedroom suites all at once?

In my opinion, you simply cannot go wrong if you choose to buy the entire suite all at once, instead of buying separate pieces, unless you are intentionally going for that eclectic look.

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