The history behind mission style bedroom furniture

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You have probably seen this style in the past and not recognized it. You may even own a few pieces of original or the revival versions of it. However, what actually IS mission style bedroom furniture? It originated in the 1890’s, and is thought to have originated from furniture maker A.J. Holmes, who designed a very simplistic style of chair for the Swedenborgian Church, located in San Francisco. But where exactly did the term mission style bedroom furniture come from? The Name The term of mission style furniture itself did not come into play until New York manufacturer Joseph P. McHugh saw the style, and created his own line, referring to it as ‘mission’ style. He claimed that the term came from the style of the Spanish Missions he had seen popping up in California. Despite the furniture style itself not being related to the mentioned Spanish missions or its architecture, the furniture quickly gained in popularity and by the 1920s was hereafter associated with the American Arts and Crafts movement that began in the early 1900s. The Style Mission Style Furniture, especially Mission Style Bedroom Furniture is very distinctive in its simplicity. It consists of flat panels made of simple horizontal and vertical lines. This type of design is used to highlight the grain of the wood being used to manufacture it, which was usually oak. However, it was not only the design itself that was simplistic. The joints used to put the pieces together were also very basic, and there were little to no decorative features added. It was also handcrafted, as the machine built counterparts were considered of lower quality. Modern Day Mission Style Furniture, particularly Mission Style Bedroom Furniture has made a revival over recent years. Now it is increasingly common to see beds and wardrobes with a simple wood stain and rectilinear lines in homes across North America.  Usually you will find the bed frame to have a matching line style to its dresser or wardrobe, such as the headboard and the wardrobe door, or the beside table. When decorating your home, if you are looking for a classic and old world style, then Mission Style Furnishings are definitely the way to go! The wood color will match almost any wall and drapery color you could think of, and if it is well cared for, will last for years.
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