Tips to pick the right type of high back armchair for your room

Tips to pick the right type of high back armchair for your room

Today the interior designs have become more fashionable and the traditional three piece sofas are being replaced by other different styles of chairs. More flexible options of seating are preferred by the homeowners today. Armchairs and sofas found in the market today are no longer made of the same material nor have the same style. Sofas can be classic in looks while the armchairs matching the sofa are more adventurous in style and designs. A good high back armchair is a perfect choice of furniture in your living room to make a style statement. Here are some tips to help you choose the best armchair for your room:

The Size of your room and its style

You must first consider the size of your room before buying a high back armchair. If your room is big enough, you can choose from a variety of styles like high back scroll arm, Chesterfield, recliners or high back wings which all occupy some big space in your room.

You must not go for bulky chairs if you have a lot of traffic or activities usually in your bedroom, living room or your entertainment room. If you think the chair will be used more often, it is important to consider an extra upholstery fabric covering the chair’s arm rest and head to make it last longer.

Comfort and price  

There are no alternative choices for a comfortable high back armchair. Hence you must check the armchair’s seat to find if it is comfortable and fits you well. Comfort is the main factor that you need to look for when buying a high back armchair to lounge and relax on it in your home. Choose the high back chairs that have wings if you like to have support for your head and shoulders.

Things to Consider

Check the height and depth of the seat, its back length and height to see if it suits your height and weight. For elderly people the armchairs that have low lying seats can make it difficult for them to get up from the chairs, while taller people who have long legs would need a lower or deeper seat. These types of seats will not provide good support to your back and a low back armchair don’t offer enough support for your shoulders and head. Look for high back armchairs with the arm rests in a comfortable height.

The spring system, the material or fabric used and the foam of the arm chair constitute the price of a high back armchair. Pieces of chairs that are handcrafted with strong and good quality wood frames, densely padded with foam, individual coil springs are high priced ones.

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