Types of leather sofa and loveseat

Types of leather sofa and loveseat


Among the most popular pieces of furniture that can be found in today’s modern home is the leather sofa and loveseat.  The leather sofa has a thick cushion perfect for sitting or relaxing.  Meanwhile, the loveseat is a furniture piece designed for two persons; it provides a warm and romantic ambiance in the living room.  To be better informed about them, we are enumerating the different types of leather sofa and loveseat.

Types Of Leather Sofa

  • Vinyl Leather Sofa – Vinyl is not genuine leather; it is a synthetic material. It is the most affordable in the range of sofas.  Price conscious homeowners choose this furniture item maybe because they are on a tight budget.  It resembles the look of leather without the expensive price tag.  It is relatively easy to clean and maintain.
  • Bonded Leather Sofa – This material contains more or less about 60 percent leather. Left over leather is ground, processed and then combined with fabric to produce what is known as bonded leather.  People who want value for money but want a sofa that contains leather material can choose this sofa.
  • Leather Match Sofa – This sofa uses genuine leather on exposed areas such as the top of the seat, the inside back and the top of the arms. Faux leather is used in areas that are hidden from view.  Genuine leather is expensive so to maximize value, manufacturers of this type of sofa use it where it is most needed.
  • Genuine Leather Sofa – If you are willing to spend on a high quality furniture item, then a genuine leather sofa is perfect for you. This is the most expensive type of sofa.  Nothing beats the look and feel of the real thing.  You will surely enjoy this sofa for a long time.

Types Of Loveseat

  • Traditional – This is the original and most basic form of the loveseat. It has a warm and romantic ambiance.
  • Chesterfield – The Chesterfield is made of buttoned leather. It is heavily upholstered, overstuffed, with scrolled, rollover arms.
  • Camel Back – This loveseat has an arched back that rises to a prominent point in the middle and rises slightly again at the ends. As the name implies, its shape resembles the hump of a camel.  It is sometimes called as humpback loveseat.
  • Garden – A loveseat designed for outdoor use. It is usually made of wood or metal.  It is the perfect furniture piece when you want fresh air and enjoy beautiful scenery.

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