Understanding mission bedroom furniture

Understanding mission bedroom furniture

A quick history of mission style furniture

John Ruskin and William Morris can be credited to this movement that has gain popularity in recent times. The mission furniture was started in the 1860’s as a rebel movement against the flamboyant Victorians who were known to bathe in gold and the finer things.

This English arts and crafts movement was ironical in the way it run for the furniture always ended up with the elite. The problem was the labor and materials ended up adding to the costs making the final product too expensive for the people at the time.

This movement later arrived in the US with Gustav Stickley being considered its leader. The movement as a whole focused on functionality and simplicity and this didn’t change in the US. Although a different approach was taken as the upper class could get custom made furniture while mass produced furniture was made for the middle class.

Thanks to the industrial revolution many people today can get to experience the same quality of mission bedroom furniture whether mass produced or handcrafted. It all really depends on the users’ choice.

Difference between mission and shaker style furniture

These are two styles of furniture that are kind of the same and unless one is an expert it would be a bit hard to differentiate between the two. The shaker style furniture and Mission style furniture are similar in that their focus in one way or the other is related to functionality and simplicity. This doesn’t mean that they are similar though as they do have a slight difference.

Their history for one is something one can point out. The mission style furniture originated from the arts and crafts movement and was meant to oppose flamboyant living. The shaker style of furniture is one that places emphasis on being as simple as possible.

This came about due to the faith of the Quakers/shakers, a group of English people who arrived to America. They have a strict code of living that requires them to be different form the mainstream. This principle was also reflected in their work.

Another difference is on the materials used as the shaker furniture is made from only local American wood such as pine, maple and cherry. On the other hand, the mission bedroom furniture normally uses oak. The mission style furniture places more focus on craftsmanship while the shaker style furniture is based more on functionality.

Who is it for?

The mission bedroom furniture is best for those who like a simple design that is both functional and aesthetic. The furniture made out of oak details the amount of craftsmanship that was used during the manufacturing process. This kind of furniture would also work best in a more rustic setting as it will blend well and add some elegance.

This style of furniture has lasted centuries and still looks good to this day. The history of this furniture is quite interesting and the functional, simplistic design simply ads to it.


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