Update your style with platform bedroom sets

Update your style with platform bedroom sets

Understand the Style

To achieve a more modern look, you must find pieces that are more sleek and simple.  A platform bedroom set has a very square look to it. It is hard and sleek as opposed to fluid and elegant. Search on some furniture websites to find ideas to start and you may also find the specific furniture you’ll wish to purchase. As the name suggests the bed lays atop a platform. There is no empty space under the bed although some platform beds include drawers or compartments for storage space. These can take away from the sleek and modern look, however you may determine that storage space is more important than aesthetics.

Set a Budget

The modern look doesn’t have to be an expensive one. With a good eye you can easily find furniture that fits the style without breaking the bank. Even stores like your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart sell a platform bedroom set for a low price. You may also wish to only buy the platform itself to start. Another option is to have a headboard or to leave it out. Keep in mind that there is more versatility with this style than there would be with a more vintage style. This includes your bedding in addition to the bed frame.  Feel free to add color as a way to incorporate your own personal taste and flair. Due to the appearance of the bed a large rug under the frame is a pleasant look. It acts as a focus point to the room. All of these elements can be purchased fairly cheaply if you so desire.

Begin Working

It shouldn’t take long before you have amassed a few key items and are able to put your room together as you like it. There aren’t so many small details to focus on. Purchase a large throw rug and the bed and 90% of the room is put together. Plan how you want your room to look at the end and work towards that goal. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit as you try out this new style. A platform bedroom set can be ideal for rooms of all ages as it is so versatile. This can have the drawback of creating more decisions for you but ultimately it gives you more freedom to create a room you truly love.

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