What to know before buying a foam sofa?

What to know before buying a foam sofa?


A foam sofa can be conveniently used as a place to sit or sleep. If you’ve some friends or guests visiting your place but they don’t have a place to sleep, you can use such a sofa. As a result, you don’t need an extra bed or a whole guest room. We are all used to sitting on low quality sofas where our backbones often get hurt because of the metal bar used in such sofas. In order to get rid of this problem, foam sofas have been designed and recently arrived in the market. Nowadays, they can be found all over the world at reasonable prices.

How to get a quality foam sofa?

Firstly, find out a perfect and attractive foam sofa design that can be accommodate in your house easily. Nowadays, most foam sofas have foam mattresses. If the mattress is thick, it will be more durable and you’ll feel more comfortable to sleep on it. It is better if the foam sofa bed has 2 pounds per cubic foot density.

However, more density means more expensive sofa beds. As you are going to spend a reasonable amount of money, be cautious while buying one. Lie down on the foam sofa of your choice for a while and see if it feels comfortable. If it doesn’t, choose another one immediately. Also, don’t forget about the space you’ve allocated for a foam sofa bed in your house. Buy one that will perfectly fit in the allocated space.

Moreover, don’t forget that foam sofas are used for both sitting and sleeping purposes. So a foam sofa can be used as a couch by day and a bed at night. However, remember that a foam sofa with a heavy mattress is sometimes hard to bend over, so check this feature and see if it is flexible. Having a warranty on the sofa is a good thing, especially if the sofa has complex moving parts. A high-quality sofa bed is able to be folded and unfolded over and over again without having any problem.


Foam sofa beds have become a very common furniture nowadays since they can be used for multiple purposes and they are also durable and comfortable in the long run. If you want one, remember the above-mentioned factors in order to get the best one at a reasonable price.

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