Upholstered Sofa sofa; sofa ... ywmnpzt
Upholstered Sofa sofa; sofa ... ywmnpzt

Your complete guide to upholstered sofa

To help you make the ideal purchase, out short guide on Upholstered Sofa will help you understand the common issues that arise when buying them. Usually when we think about furniture, we keep certain factors in mind such as material used like foams, latex and polyurethane, fillings like polyester fiber, horse hair, cotton, felt wadding, coir fiber and standards of quality against which they are tested. The kind of material used has a huge impact on the performance and the durability of the furniture. The fabrics used to manufacture these Upholstered Sofa ranges from all natural to manmade material like leather types, faux leathers such as PVC coated fabrics and PU coated.

Following things need to consider when buying an Upholstered Sofa

Flammability Testing

Sofas that are intended to be used for domestic purposes should adhere to the legal guidelines and follow rules and regulations for domestic furniture. It is also important that the Sofas should have the correct labeling and the customer should ensure that the flammability labels should not be removed if they are planning to sell or donate the sofa later sometime.

Physical Testing

Certain fabric tests such as abrasion, tensile strength, seam pillage and pilling should be passed by the upholstered sofa. Moreover, compression and pounding tests for the foam and pounding tests on fiber filled cushions should also be performed. Since, the sofa is being upholstered, the compression tests will ensure that the foam recovers after sustained compression and pounding test will measure how much height and hardness did the sofa loose over time.

Strength, Durability and Stability Tests

There are certain standards to check the overall quality of the Upholstered Sofa such as strength, stability and durability. This determines how well the sofa will perform over time and hence the failures in the field will be considerably reduced.

Other Common Issues

When we get our sofa upholstered, after some time the spring under the seat cushions get disconnected and hence, causes them to settle down. Though, this issue can be easily covered and but putting them securely back in space is a point to be concerned about.

Stains and marks can be easily removed with a cleaner solution but fabric issues such as flaws, pulls, natural slobs and snags need changing the faulty fabric or repair. Similarly, scratches and scuffing in leather sofas have to carefully repaired by proper technicians and over time when the recliner mechanisms become loose with time and need adjustment, they have be completely replaced.

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