3 types of bedroom dresser sets

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Having nice bedroom dresser sets for your rooms in your home is essential.  You want to pick the right style and size for your rooms and your space.   Bedroom dresser sets are a focal point in bedrooms, so you want to think about what you need it for and what type of dresser set would fit best in your room. 3 main types to choose Frame are given below: Dresser A typical Dresser is about waist high and wider than it’s height.  Usually about 4 feet approximately.  They can come in 3 or 6 draws typically and are good for storing a decent amount of clothes.  Many come with a mirror on top although this is usually an option you can add or do without depending on your room.  If you have an upstairs with lower ceilings than having this kind of bureau without a mirror is what you might need.  The nice long top is great for holding pictures or little trinkets.  You can store your brushes and other items you use to get ready easily on the to of the dresser. Chest This kind of chest of drawers is higher and narrower than a dresser.  It is usually 3 or 4 drawers high and is about 4 feet 10 inches tall.  This is a good piece to choose if you have less floor space.  It also offers less storage but for some spaces that don’t have a lot of floorspace this is a good option.  While these chests are taller you can still place items on top such as pictures or little trinkets. Armoire This beautiful piece of furniture is great for either hanging items or having shelves inside it for keeping sweaters.  Many have a draw or two at the bottom.  They are typically about 60 - 70 inches tall and about 3 feet wide.  It requires a decent ceiling height and space for this type of furniture, although it isn’t very wide so it can fit into a space that has a smaller width available. The nice thing about this type of dresser is that it has versatility and you can choose to hang or use the shelves for your clothes. There are many varieties of each of these types of dressers to choose from.  Whatever type of bedroom dresser sets you choose to get you will be able to find them from a thousands of design.
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