Add style to your bedroom by installing headboard footboard for your bed

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A bed should be comfortable for you to get a good night’s sleep. So adding a headboard footboard to the bed can make the bedroom more inviting and stylish. When choosing the headboard and footboard, choose one that is simple and elegant.  An Easy to assemble headboard and footboard will be best for you.

Ireland Queen Faux Leather Headboard and Footboard

The headboard footboard in the Ireland queen come with rails which attach the head board to the footboard providing an elegant bed. The bed requires box spring foundation or a sheet of plywood for an ideal fit. The frame of the headboard and footboard has a sturdy wood base which supports it firmly on the ground. The Faux leather covering for the headboard and footboard is padded with foam to provide comfort when you relax against the headboard to watch TV or read a book. This faux leather combines with any décor. When you buy the headboard and footboard it comes with screws for assembling. Make sure the screws are tight before you sleep. This headboard can be matched with nightstand and a chest of drawers to give the bedroom a new look.

Teaberry Lane Panel Headboard and Footboard for a new look

Since you have a beautiful bed compliment it with a headboard and footboard and give a new look to your bedroom. There are different types of headboards that are available choose one that matches the décor of your bedroom. Teaberry Lane Panel is ideal for the occasion since it is white in color. The headboard and footboard have a strong wooden frame which is given a nice white finish which matches the décor of the bedroom.  It has clean simple lines which makes it easy to join the headboard and footboard with the rails. This bed requires a box spring mattress for comfort.  Free shipping is provided when you buy but you have to assemble it when it arrives. Use lint free cloth for dusting.

Attach Black Cherry Headboard and Footboard to your Bed for elegance

This headboard and footboard features a design with black cherry metal held together by sturdy wood pillars and rails. This bed too requires box springs to hold the mattress. The bed with the headboard and footboard is very strong and will last many years. The cost of headboard and footboard is only $100 and they provide you with free shipping. You need to assemble it once it reaches you. It comes with the screws necessary for assembling.
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