Boy bedroom furniture tips and ideas.

Cute and Girly Bedroom Ideas Decorating Tips for Girl,

Maybe you are one those couples who have a beautiful house with big green lawn neatly trimmed and tidy. Your neighbors are envious of your pristine white granite counter top, glossy wooden veneer cupboards and white Italian flooring.  You love the look on people as they adore the hidden talented decorator in you, but there is one room you will not bother to show them. Most probably it would be your boy’s room. There is stuff all over the place, toys, cloths, books all lying on the floor. With a bit of planning and some innovative design features, you can make it all go away. There are a lot of furniture brands that have a good collection of boy bedroom furniture. It’s a matter of finding the correct ones that suits you and your son’s taste. Important pre furnishing tips and ideas Planning makes perfect, here are a few important tips before you bring in those heavy furniture. Before you begin remember to take in your son’s opinions. It is ok to venture out from standard theme of your house. Your son might not like your choice of color, feel free to experiment with color or use attractive wallpapers and posters. It is easy to change wallpapers as the boy grows up; you know that purple shade wall will not be that much appealing to a teen. You can save yourself from the cost and those embarrassing stains. Flooring also need attention use materials that are durable and less persistent to scratches. The lighting should also be taken care of, allow as much as natural light to come in and good ventilation is also a must. Boy bedroom furniture: General tips to follow It is always best to keep the furniture to a minimum, don’t use heavy unstable furniture. Like the wall, experiment with the materials for furniture, don’t always go for wood. Light weight composite material furniture is available. List of cool and fun things to include
  • Buy bunker beds, your son might invite his friend for a sleepover.
  • Use night lambs that can project images on to the ceiling.
  • Buy study tables that can adjust the height.
  • Buy Amazon Eco, it would be a cool piece of tech; it will have the answer for all his curious questions.
  • Use boxy shelves that can be easily stacked upon each other.
  • An Indoor basketball hoop for those rainy days.
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