Cottage style bedroom furniture selection guide:

Barrel Chair

Basic idea: Furniture is what gives a bedroom proper look, shape and design. Furniture study can be determined by carefully review and remembering what design element each one embraces. Furniture selection is of the main and difficult task while setting, decorating and redecorating a home. Cottage style furniture is loved by many people all around the world. These include cottage beds, chest of drawers, nightstands and all the other bedroom furniture. It also gives choice between coastal bedroom furniture and country farmhouse bedroom furniture. There is variety of options for small rooms to increase sleeping capacity. History: Cottage style bedroom furniture was used in eastern coastal areas of US in 1830’s. It is true Victorian style furniture with lavish designs and exaggerated styles. This furniture usually comes in suits i.e. coordinating sets of furniture with bed, side tables, dresser and mirror, chairs, tables and wardrobes etc. Features: A cottage style of interior design combines elements of country style and cottage style. These style furniture features clean lines in combination with casual and relaxing furniture. These designs draw on the tradition of decorating humble homes and resourceful furnishing. For cottage style bedroom furniture one can choose rustic, handmade items and place them in cottage arrangement which will look cleaner and simple. Cottage style bedrooms are usually assumed to be smaller sized rooms with beautiful natural look. It should have hardwood flooring and canopy beds with large fireplace. These bedrooms have nautical themes having soft colored rugs with interesting textures. Doors should be flat paneled with decorative features. It should be charming and cozy, representative of simple and wholesome lifestyle. Bedroom should have balcony with a beautiful view. Cottage style furniture is not bound by rules of decorating. These come in packages of pre-coordinated furnishing. Use of plaids and  checks, stripes and floral, patterns and solids in a coordinated cottage furniture theme is normally seen. Cottage style bedroom furniture give a natural, calm and relaxing feeling. There are many stores all around the globe which specializes in cottage style bedroom furniture sets. Which provide customized furniture, and a choice from simple classic finish of medium or highly distressed finishes that gives vintage feel. Cottage style bedroom furniture normally is available in handmade wooden form with lavish designs and upholstered furniture. This gives bedroom a comfy and casual look with sense of contentment and easy living and light heartedness.
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