Few tips to make your sleeper chair bed more comforting

IKEA HOLMSUND Sleeper sectional, 3-seat

Sleeper chair beds are not a great alternative to regular beds but in the time of need, we can definitely rely on them. These beds also give us an easy way out of space problem in our home. But as we all know sleeper chair beds aren’t that comforting at all. You might get a back pain if you sleep regularly. To save you from this trouble here we have few tip to help you make your sleeping chair bed more a bit more comfortable. Lots of pillows and cushions Yes, we surely love lots of cushions and can’t have enough ever. It can be a sleeper chair bed or any bed in the world, cushion are always there to make it more comforting. You can use the cushions and pillows to fill the gaps that we see on a sleeper chair bed after making the bed. Even when you’re not using it as a bed cushions are required to décor the sofa. So when you buy a sleeper chair bed don’t forget to buy lots of cushions too. Quality fluffy mattress Even if your sleeper chair bed is already fluffy but adding an extra mattress can make it better. But buy a good quality mattress that will last longer as you don’t want to change your mattress every now and then. By just getting another extra mattress you can have the good night’s sleep that you always need. But don’t get an oversized or too big mattress, it ca cause you discomfort instead. Flip the mattress in time Flipping the mattress is necessary if you wish to avoid permanent depression in it. If the mattress is exposed only one side for long depression are bound to happen. We suggest flipping the mattress at least 4 times a year which means once in every 3 months. Do this and the same mattress will keep providing you comfort for a long time. Using the right sheets To get more comfort in a sleeper chair bed using the right bed sheet is a must. You can always depend on soft cotton bed sheets to get the maximum comfort. But to change the feel you can try silk or other fabrics whichever suits you the best. You can always alternate sheets frequently according to your mood to get a new taste more often.
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