How to complement dark wood bedroom furniture

Somerset Bed – Ethan Allen US

The Need to Adapt Dark wood bedroom furniture gives the space an authentic country feeling. The room may release vibes of nostalgia and of countryside lifestyle. But there are times when your tastes change right about the same time you change your views of the world and of life. You may want to replace some of your bedroom furniture with newer pieces but you worry that this sudden unguided change will damage the current perfection of your bedroom’s theme. How you mix and match different furniture with different finishes in one room can be tricky to the average person. The characters of the various woods and finishes used in furniture can overwhelm other pieces in the room creating disharmony if left uncontrolled. This may be daunting at first because you might think you have little to no ability to see what goes well together. There are simple tips to consider when you would want to do this little interior decoration project of mixing woods together in the same room with dark wood bedroom furniture. Matching with Other Furniture Identify the grain in the wood of the furniture. This can show you a number of features you want to look for in choosing your furniture mix. The tones of red and, dark and light brown can help you match furniture together seamlessly. Do this also with the wood flooring, if that is the case. You can make a dramatic impact to a large piece in the bedroom, particularly the bed or the wardrobe, by surrounding it with a strongly contrasting tone of wood. This set-up creates emphasis and importance to that particular piece of furniture. Remember to balance the wood tones in your room. Match both sides to emphasize details of other wood tones present in the room that gives a lighter or darker contrast. Matching accessories with Dark Wood Your accessories must always complement the features of the room you want to emphasize. The curtains and the sheet covers should contrast well with the bed. You can also add rugs beneath pieces of furniture to help bridge their tones with that of differently colored wood flooring. This helps for a smooth transition of wood tones between areas. Dark wood bedroom furniture is relatively easy to match with when you know what to look out for. If are still in doubt whether you can do this alone, you can seek the help of your interior designer. Expert advice is always welcome. But if you trust your intuitions a little bit more, go for your own personal bedroom look.
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