Ideas to design my bedroom

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Bedroom is the place where one spends most of the time when one is home so it should be well furnished to make it inviting and comfortable. There are various styles of furnishing bedrooms, one is the modern contemporary style and the other is the heritage style.  When I design my bedroom I will choose a style that suits my bedroom and gives it a spacious look.

Designing a bedroom in the vintage style

When designing a bedroom I will place a four poster in the center facing the window so I can have a beautiful view of the outdoors as I lie on the bed. On wall on the side of the bed can be the closet where all your stuff can be placed. In the corner on the opposite side a sliding door can lead to the bathroom. Above the bed a chandelier can be placed which will provide light to the bedroom. On either side of the bed there can be two night stands with beautiful lamps for reading. The wall on the side of the bed can be fitted with shelves for placing books and magazines. The TV and the music system can occupy the wall near the window.

A Bedroom in the Modern Style

Since there is no space constraint I can design my bedroom without any problem.  The bed with a wooden headboard can be placed in the centre of the room. On either side of the bed there can be windows that provide a beautiful vista from the bed. Above the bed a beautiful lamp can provide light for reading. The windows can be upholstered with curtains that can be closed whenever necessary. Since the windows face each other there will cross ventilation which will keep the bedroom well aired. The door to the bathroom and toilet can be on the wall on the side of the bed.

A Simple comfortable Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

A Bedroom must be set up with space for easy circulation. A bed should  always occupy the centre with the headboard against the wall. On one side French windows can be opened to lead to the balcony. Across on the opposite wall can be the door leading to the bathroom. On either side of the bed two ottomans can be placed with lamps that will provide light for reading. Between the French windows and the other wall a recliner or a comfortable chair can be placed for sitting and reading.
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