Interior designing 101: interior design of bedroom

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Interior decoration is an art and like all art it requires a lot of creativity and passion. Well decorated interior can lift up the vibe of the house and it creates nice Impression.  A lot of planning and work is needed to get the desired results. Most people are only bothered about the interior design of the common areas of the house. Private parts of the house are neglected, bedrooms suffer the most and usually they are poorly designed in contrast to other parts of the house. Impact of Interior design of Bedroom The bedrooms are usually small area wise and people tends to over crowd the room with useless furniture, with a good interior design you can overcome a lot of this problems and free up some valuable space. A well designed room will have plenty of light and ventilation, which helps in reducing the power consumption.  We spent a lot of our time inside the bedroom, so it has to have a positive vibe and cheerful ambience. Bedrooms are also the place where you can express the individual taste and preference apart from other common areas. Selecting a suitable themes for Interior design of bedroom All designs need a theme and select a theme which reflects the individual personality. Feel free to venture out from the common theme found in other parts of the house. It is all about self-expression, you can incorporate DIY decorative pieces and even family photos into the design. Important things to note while designing Interior design of bedroom has to be done carefully; here are some important tips, you should follow while designing. Go minimal, only keep the necessary pieces of furniture inside the bedroom Bigger isn’t always the better, small tables and shelves with thinner frame width could free up more space Use furniture that is made of glass, it will increase the sense of space inside the room. Choose the appropriate size of bed, bunker beds are a nice addition for children’s bedroom and try out the new folding beds that are available. Do not block the air flow inside the room with furniture, proper ventilation is key factor. Look up online while designing interior; you might get some inspiration for your bedroom. Use carpets and curtains, while selecting curtains go for lighter shade of color and carpets should fit correctly in the room.
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