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Sofa seats are the best piece of furniture in the any home. It’s where you welcome your guests, chill with your family and friends as well as relax. Hence it has to be fashionable, comfortable and worth the while. If you intend to spend a lot of time on the sofa either for reading or taking naps, ensure it’s spacious between the arms. Don’t be deceived by the overall length of your sofa seats because the width of both arms will relatively affect the space in-between.
  • What to look out for in sofa seats
When shopping for sofa seats ensure the cushions are made of polyurethane foam, because the more dense the foam is, the heavier it is and the longer the sofa seats will last. For a cheap sofa, the cushions are filled with only polyurethane foam, while a quality sofa’s core has the Dacron batting wrap.  An example of the high quality options is the ‘poly-down cushions’. Also endeavor to access the joint joints and frame of the sofa seats. Some of the best sofas are made up of double doweled as well as fitted joints with corner blocks, which t are screwed and glued. You can get quality sofa seats that have their legs as part of the frame, and not attached, though it won’t be easy to carry it through the doorway.
  • The type of sofa seats to get
It s not nice letting people sit on the arm of your sofa, hence ensure you get a sofa with a reasonable amount of cushions that can accommodate a particular number of people. For example if you if your sofa seats has two cushions, then just two people can sit on it. To accommodate more people, you sofa should have three cushions or one long cushion also known as bench cushion. Generally sofas come in one of t the two types of backs: “the pillow back” with removable pillows along the rear, and “the tight back”, which has its upholstery tailored to the indentations at the back of the sofa.
  • The right Sofa seats size
When it comes to sofa seats, one size doesn’t end up fitting all. The depth of the seat to the angle of its back will influence the comfort level. In order to know the right depth of sofas, simply use your past experience with comfortable sofa seats. If there’s a sofa or chair that you find quit comfortable, measure the distance from the inside your knee to the area where your lower back touches sofa’s back, then you can purchase a sofa similar dimensions.
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