Popular types of armchair design

7 Popular Types of Chairs: Chair and a Half

Choosing the right furniture design is essential in upgrading the look of our homes.  Chairs, in particular, come in different designs that will suit specific interior design themes.  The armchair design will dictate whether it is for a modern, traditional, or contemporary style home.  It is important to note that there is a difference between modern and contemporary styles. Modern interior design is a style that is inspired by the designs from the 1920s to 1950s.  It is a style that will never change.  On the other hand, a contemporary style follows the current trend and tends to change over time.  With countless designs to choose from, it can be challenging for homeowners to select the appropriate armchair design.  To help them, we are enumerating some of the more popular designs. Lounge Chair This chair looks classy and elegant.  It is made of premium leather and has a thick, comfortable cushion.  Perfect for sitting and relaxing, this chair has a formal and dignified appearance.  Aside from the living room, it can also be used in the home office or guest room.  Usually black in color, the lounge chair can easily complement other furniture items such as the sofa and side tables.  Because it is made from high quality materials, this chair is on the expensive side. Dining Armchair As the name suggests, the dining armchair is used for the dining table or coffee table.  It has a simple yet elegant design.  It usually has a cushioned seat and back support.  It comes in different colors so it can easily blend with other furniture items.  A dining armchair can complement a modern or contemporary interior design theme. Womb Chair The womb chair has a stylish yet functional design.  This armchair design is one of the most comfortable out there.  The seat and back both have soft cushions to provide maximum comfort and relaxation.  This chair has wide arms to support your hands and arms.  If you want a chair that you can sit and sleep on, this stylish piece is the one for you. Florence Chair Homeowners who want a comfortable armchair will surely love this piece of furniture.  It has thick cushions for the seat and back support.  It also has wide arm rests perfect for relaxation.  This armchair style features simple and clean lines suitable for modern or contemporary style homes.  Although it can come in a variety of colors, black and gray is the usual color for this style of chair.
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